Went out for Coffee; Came back with a Miracle

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Ladro Macchiato

Yesterday was my first day back from vacation.

To ease back into real life I started my day with a walk to Caffe Ladro in Kirkland, ordered my grande, triple shot, rice latte and headed for the stairs.

Yes. The stairs. I go there when I need a heart raising workout. And I always go there with my ‘story.’ You see, I was a runner for most of my life, until about 3 years ago when instead of a knee replacement the orthopedic surgeon put three screws in my knee to attach the cartilage.

So when I go to the stairs these days, I always go as a past competitive runner, coach with my ‘knee story.’ And I always go with the understanding that the next day I might have a swollen knee, or worse yet that someday I might not be able to go at all…

At the end of my short, 5 set stair workout. (Approx 200+ stairs a set) One of the women I’d passed a couple times during my workout asked, “So how many sets today?”

“Just 5. I usually do 10 but my knee has a couple screws in it and today it just feels like a 5 set day.”

Smiling she asked, “Can I pray for your knee?”

I didn’t immediately respond. Instead I mumbled ‘yeah.’ And we kept talking. When we were at the base of the stairs we were greeted by three other adults ready to embark on their morning workout. All of us were strangers meeting here on the stairs for the first time. As I bent over to pick up my rice latte my new friend asked, “Can I pray for your knee before you leave?”

I paused. Oh. She wanted to PRAY not pray. Suddenly it grew silent. Everyone stared at me as my new friend moved over and laid her hands on my knee. In a loud and confident manner she asked for Gods blessing, for a miracle and passionately hounded heaven for a healing that would bring God glory.

Slowly she withdrew her hand from my knee and said, “There are no screws in heaven and to him who believes; all things are possible with God.”

“What is your name?” I asked.


“Thank you Sara, and I will see you again.” I said before turning towards home.

On my way home I shook my head. I’ve been going to those stairs for over a year now and I’ve never had anything remotely like that happen. Most days people avert their attention and act like I’m not even racing up and down the stairs next to them, let alone take interest in my story.

As I made my way home the thought came, “Don’t let your story; keep you from the miraculous.”

So you’re wondering if my knee has been healed? Only time will tell. But the miracle I experienced yesterday was the miracle of letting go of my story, the one about my knee, the one about people who pray out loud in public, the one about what’s still possible in my life, body or spirit, the one about a God who I often feel is too busy for my story….

Who might you be without your ‘story’?


Pam Hoelzle

Seattle Coach

425 218 5864

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