What Anchors You? 30 second video inspiration

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Winds rage, seas roll. It’s life. It’s business.

How do you handle choppy water, what about a down right typhoon? What happens when seas roll, when the elements seem to be at war with your best intentions, goals and dreams? Do you find yourself drifting off course, setting sail for a new horizon, spinning?

What anchors you matters at all times but certainly in times where all you can do is button down the hatches and keep sailing. How are your emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual resources? Can they outlast the current torment and how about the next one?

Anchors. Maybe its your belief’s. Your commitment to execute no matter what, to move the ball forward consistently. Maybe it’s your faith, values or your team. Maybe it’s your story, the one about how good you are when conditions suck…Or maybe looking around you notice you’re anchored to a temporary dock, an imaginary concept, a person who hasn’t shown up in a while…

So today- what anchors you and how is that working for you?

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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