What can you learn from Madonna about Re-inventing yourself…your business?

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What can this lady teach you and I about re-inventing ourselves? About change?

  To start again, to think anew, to ask a new question: Re-invention is possible.

Change is all around us; in our government in our economy and in our personal expenditures. Change and re-invention are close siblings.  The shift of the magnitude we are experiencing in the U.S economy demands that savvy entrepreneurs and leaders step back and assess their strategies. A quick strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats analysis on your business and your personal life will help you identify where you need to  change and opportunities for re-invention.  Yes, we are living amidst a major paradigm shift. This uncertain time is the PERFECT time to evaluate all aspects of your life; personally and professionally. Its time to confront the brutal facts about your current reality and re-invent, re-draw the vision picture of possibility for your business and your life in light of what is now…

 It appears fairly obvious that what you and I did to get where we are today; emotionally, financially, intellectually, spiritually and physically will not be adequate to move us where we want to be. The game has changed. So too, must you and I. The same level of thinking that produced the results you are experiencing today will not be adequate to solve the challenges your business and your clients face NOW.

It is a new dawn, a new day; the perfect time to change and re-invent yourself, your vision and your business model. What are models of re-invention you and I can learn from; I'm thinking about Madonna…who are you thinking about?

(Tomorrow I delve into what I like about Alan Deutschman's book 'Change or Die.')


Pam Hoelzle


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