What Humpback Whales can teach us…

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Yesterday, off the coast of Punta Mita, Mexico in the Pacific Ocean I sat aboard a small 14 foot; 12 seat fishing dingy and watched  4 pods of Humpback whales put on a show that included over 100 breaches.

The photo above is just one of the extraordinary moments I enjoyed…

In the midst of being surrounded  by Humpback whales and with dolphins swimming under the boat, I momentarily wondered about the possibility of our tiny vessel capsizing before my mind turned to the leadership lessons of the humpback.

Passion. Enthusiasm. Unadulterated Play.

  Awe inspiring, raw pleasure; a creature in flow, in the zone; fully embracing it's destiny. 

On board, the  8 of us oohed and ahhed as the humpbacks soared, spouted, flipped , waved their fins, spoke and  frolicked.

Spirit, enthusiasm, passion…

Humpbacks understand being in the zone, flow and passion.

Passionate people,  teams, tribes  are alot like the humpbacks; catalysts for the supernatural, evidence of the spiritual, proof positive that every created being is miraculous and capable of inspiring awe.



Awe inspiring?

Why not; if humpbacks can – so too can you!

Passion…it matters


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