What if leaders gave their tribe as much attention as the media gave Ty Lawson’s toe?

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Leaders can learn from sports…they can learn from great coaches and maybe this March they can even learn from the media!

I'm a forty six year old woman and even I know about Ty Lawson's toe…what does that tell you; that tells you- that this toe is in the middle of some toe appreciation…it also tells you that this toe has no shortage of love and attention. The whole world knows about Ty Lawson's toe. It's on the social media sites, in every major newspaper, on the television, radio I mean this  toe went platinum in no toe time.

So what can this toe phenomenon teach us leaders?

How about the value of our dream teams? How about the power of attention to send a message. How about the amount of attention every person in our tribe deserves to get because they are a part of us- our family- connected- valuable and absolutely unique and irreplaceable?

If leaders gave their tribes half the attention, one quarter the attention oh let's be real one flip pin tenth of the attention this toe has received- we would transform our culture – maybe even the entire world. 

Coaches and sports have always been a great teaching arena for leadership.

Great coaches practice,  they recruit, they build dream teams, they huddle, call time out's when things aren't working and are constantly conducting, orchestrating and providing feedback. They are in the GAME! 

Can you imagine a coach sitting out a game, forgetting to decide on the starting line-up, not practicing the plays, forgetting to watch tapes of the competitors, recruiting the needed skills and abilities to improve the team?

I'm working in the field with a client right now so weekly I am up close and personal leading and coaching a team to the next level and I'm reminded daily of my love for making people feel as good and as famous as Ty Lawson's toe.

We are huddling, practicing, communicating expectations and lavishing lot's and lots of attention and care on each individual in our tribe. We are honoring and valuing people like they are quite honestly Ty Lawson's toe…

How great, how irreplaceable, how valued do those in your tribe feel- heck what about your loved ones? Are you huddling, 'with' your tribe, how clear are your expectations, how clear are your values, are you living them? Do your team and tribe members feel as important as Ty Lawson's toe?  How famous are they to you, how much do you talk them up, give them press, invest in them and tell the world about how great they are..? How often do you call timeout for retraining, communication, connection? How present are you to them- are you showing up in the game, or is your head elsewhere? What's half- time like with you? When your behind what's the talk, what's the actions- what are the messages you send when the score is not as expected?

Leaders – we can all learn from coaches, sports and yes even the media. How's your game? How's that dream team around you – the one for business- the one for life? Does your tribe feel as valuable as Ty Lawson's toe? If not it's time to take your game to the next level…coach.


Pam Hoelzle

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