What if YOU are the bailout…Solutionarism

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What if you are the bailout?

Solutionarism a way of being in the conceptual age, the new economy, the new world.

Solutionarism is a word I coined after attending the Seattle Green Festival as I was wrestling with the solution to what ails our current economy, our world view. Solutionary has been used before but what if beyond being a solutionist, we take on the mantle of solutionarism.

Solutionarism is the commitment to use one’s life to create and provide valuable solutions for others. On my new friend Jordanna’s advice(www.clutch22.com) I submitted the word to urban dictionary and lo and behold- it was accepted! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=solutionarism

Solutionarism; is beyond Marketing; the transfer of goods and services in the marketplace, it is beyond business, government, organizations of every type, it’s beyond countries and continents it’s even beyond religion.

Solutionarism is the human essence, the nature of creation, the nature of God; of life itself.

Solutionarism is a way of being. It’s a way of living.

Solutionist believe that the purpose of life is to engage one’s talents, passions, influence, tribes, teams to add value- to others; wherever one is uniquely, individually inclined.

With over 1.4 billion people online the world is connecting at warp speed. Tribes are growing around every challenge, opportunity, problem and issue in the world today. In a moment I connect with someone who shares my passion for writing, for transformation who lives continents away. Today solutionist are collaborating, connecting, resourcing, sharing; innovating high value solutions that change lives. Solutionist’s connections transcend geographical boundaries; there are no boundaries in the new economy, in the eco-system that is now a social web, a highly connected network of hearts and souls.

Solutionist live in the intersection where passion and talents intersect problems, challenges; the needs of others.

Solutionarism does not focus on the organization, the product, the service, the outcomes, goals, ROI, or profit but rather on the value added to life; to the human impact of the solution.

Now each dot on the scatter-gram is a human life, a being of talent, passion, abilities, dreams and goals each person’s influence radiating from them; creating a circle of influence intersecting and connecting with others; like minded and different each looking for community, meaning, purpose here and now, presently ,actively engaged; creating, receiving and giving solutions.

Whereas in the past Gandhi challenged us to be “the change we want to see” Solutionarism challenges you and I to be the solution the world thirsts for, to solve the problems that lay at the intersection of the worlds deep hunger and our unique passions, abilities and resources and those of our tribe.

Look around you; everywhere people are connecting, collaborating. Community is being redefined. Each person is now an editor, a creator, a publisher; empowered with the voice and vehicle that is web 3.0. Connected and awakened you and I have the tools and the mantle of responsibility to actively engage the culture. We dare not close our eyes, to walk by, to deny, to ignore the challenges and the opportunities that are ours and our tribes to solve.

Solutionist, we are activist; we create, receive and give value to others.

We are the solution the world so desperately needs now- its time to actively engage-

let no problem remain unsolved.

We wait for no one else to solve those things within our circle of influence within the scope of our tribes passion, abilities and resources.

Solutionist – rally- as Queen Esther once did, this might just be the moment you and I were born for – the moment; the world desperately needs.

Solutionarism- it’s a way of being; will you join me?

Pam Hoelzle
Not What I Thought

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