What questions are you asking?

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It's not the answers…it's the questions.

It's not what you don't want to do …stop doing in 2009 or even what you are going to do in 2009; initially that matters here in national reflection, pause, comma; selah week.

 First and foremost as 2008 draws to a conclusion and we stop to reflect, rest and pause its the questions that matter.

What are the questions that come to mind as you ook back on this past year; 2008?

 What are the questions you have as you envision 2009?

I find businesses and individuals who are curious, who live with a sense of 'not knowing' all the answers are most capable of the extraordinatry, the innovative, exciting and life changing.

What do your clients love about your product and service?

What don't they love?

What is the one thing that no one is doing; that if you did- could and would blow the current industry paradigm right out of the water?

What is great in your life?

What is not?

What one thing could revolutionize your life?

What would it take, to make it happen?

What one goal must you realize this year?

Who do you want to show up as, who do you want to 'be' this year?

The quality of your life, your business; comes down to the quality of the questions your asking yourself and others.

Questions….they matter…they determine direction.



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