What’s VALUE’s got to do with it?

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Afghanistan: Sergeant 1st Class Jared C. Monti, 2009 Medal of Honor recipient

photo credit By The U.S. Army

What’s Value’s Got To Do With It?

Sitting in a meeting the other day the conversation veered right, left, weaved back and finally the only question left was, “What’s most important? What really matters…now?”

My client paused. She stared at me. I stared back. What would my answer be, if she asked me I wondered.

You see the trouble is, we don’t ask the tough questions. We stay away from the edges. And because we don’t ask the tough questions, because there are so many competing forces for our time and energy it’s easy to lose focus, to veer off track.

-The soldier whose grave is depicted above valued many things, I’m sure. But those things he most believed in-he invested his life in and was willing to die for.

You may not be going into battle tomorrow, or maybe you will be. The question is are you investing, taking risks in things that truly matter to you- now?

When you are moments from your last breath, moments from others visiting your grave site, will you smile knowing you invested your one precious life in what truly mattered to you? Will you have lived your values?

What do you value? And how is it represented on your calendar, in your checkbook and heart?

What’s value’s got to do with it?

Well just everything my friend, just everything.

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