When business is at it’s best….it’s transformational.

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16 years ago at an International Chain Salon Association meeting I met the woman above (on the left) who unbeknownst to me would become an integral person in my 'becoming' my 'transformation' and ultimately would become one of my closest friends.( Sharon Bonawits and I in Mexico)

Who would have known that our first conversation would lead to my later appointment to an international board and perhaps even more surprising a west coast, east coast friendship that would grow stronger over the years.

 After  watching her become the first V.P of the International Chain Salon Association I was now , a decade later sitting in a restaurant in Sayulita Mexico recalling each hilarious and tragic moment of our lives…lives we had done together, a continent apart all because of that initial business meeting.

When business is at it's best …it's transformational.

It transforms lives. It adds value. It is a conduit for 'becoming.'

Today, when I walk into a new meeting, attend a class or begin working with a new client I remind myself ….business at it's best is transformational…

 Transformation is experiential…

Stay open to the people that you meet ALONG your business path. You never know who the next transformational agent (angel) in your life is going to be or when you will stumble into a friendship that transforms you…

Because friendship matters.


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