When it’s Winter; Business/Life 30 second video inspiration

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When It’s Winter in Your Life or Business:

While Winter might be fun when you’ve got your ski’s on, standing atop Whistler or Blackcomb it’s not necessarily a season of life or business that any of us would choose.

Endings occur in Winter. Relationships, jobs, businesses; dissolve and evolve. Personal losses accumulate and life is full of long stretches of time with little or no growth, success at all!

Annually, Winter comes and goes according to one’s longitude and latitude. But Winter as a season of life or business has no boundaries and sometimes stretches for what feels like punishable, unbearable amounts of times. Sometimes years.

I know.I’m acquainted with winter as it relates to loss, endings and seasons of life where there are more no’s than yes’s and in which progress is albeit nil.

It’s the seasons of Winter in my personal life that most define the woman I have become. It has been in the deadest seasons of my life I have learned some of my most important, if not all of the important things I now believe.

For example, I learned the value of living small in Winter. And by small I don’t mean giving up my hopes and dreams for Spring and Summer. But rather, I learned how to show up coin the moment, the minute, and now the next, doing the best I can; here, now, presently. In times of Winter I learned how to stop getting ahead of myself. I learned how to take off my visionary glasses. Winter taught me how to become more lazor beam than light bulb. Its also showed me how underdeveloped were my receiving and being nurtured muscles and how over developed and over used were my giving muscles. Winter has taught me a lot about how to better commune and relate with others. I’ve also learned about persistence and determination. I’ve learned to not navigate by mere feelings and signs. I’ve learned to trust, to believe in a power that is far greater than me, a connection between me and eternity, between Creator and created.

Winter. It’s not always easy, but truth is…it’s the many seasons of Winter in my life that have molded and shaped the content of my spring and summers…

Pam Hoelzle

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