When the Jukebox Within Needs to be Upgraded.

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Rowe Ami RI-2 Jukebox, 1979

Does your life Jukebox Need an Upgrade?

Mattergaps. I coined the word as a way of describing the difference between what we want and what we have in the important area of our lives. I work in the ‘gap.’ I love the gap. The gap is where possibility exists. In the gap we lust for change. We desire transformation.

I think it’s all my dysfunction unction, not an M.D. that created my insatiable curiosity for learning how to heal myself, to help others change, grow and transform. Along my journey it’s become fairly clear in my life as well as the lives of those I work with and love that the biggest obstacle most of face in life is our selves.

Yes ourselves and the limitations programmed in the jukebox of our subconscious. ( Thanks Daniel Siegel I love this metaphor). Matter of fact, I recommend that if you are experiencing matter gaps, you consider upgrading your life programming and operating beliefs with a high powered CD player today. Yes, today. Don’t waste another moment running programming that isn’t really you. Living a life that sucks. Take back control for who you be, what you do and who you might become. Identify your life operating beliefs, values and the habits you want!

The subconscious jukebox. Did you know that the subconscious is one of the most powerful information processors in the world and it’s inside of your body and it’s a million times more powerful than the conscious mind? ( According to Dr. Bruce Lipton) That’s why trying to ‘will change’ will be about as successful as getting a date with Brad or Angelina. Although nothing wrong with a good fantasy or two a day!

The subconscious is a vigilante, an iceberg that runs habitually programmed thoughts, actions and habits. It’s automatic you don’t need to think or even be conscious! It plays the same ole song over and over. The songs you’ve come to define yourself by, even justify who’ve you become by.

So if you can’t ‘will’ change what can you do? You can upgrade your jukebox to an entirely customized personally programmed CD player you have control over. Oh yeah. Can you say free will? Almost as sexy as Russell Crowe.

You will need your conscious mind to do this. Think creative. Possibility. Attention. Present. Aware. Choice. We will use the tools of consciousness to attend to the precise thoughts and actions we want to become, represent; be. We will program that CD player intentionally with the songs that will create the mood and life experience we desire. Our songs are our operating beliefs. The truth, assumptions we are going to adhere to on a daily basis that when repeated will become our new habits, behaviors and actions.

Free will, the conscious mind, evidence you and I are not victims of our past, programming, habits or the jukebox within

Want to get the results you want in love, work, play, recreation, worship, health? Then get intentional, deliberate and conscious. It’s time to tell the jukebox that it’s days of running your life without so much as a question are over. The songs don’t represent you anymore. You’re upgrading your life and attention will be your primary tool of change and transformation.

Yes I said ATTENTION! Salute now!

What you attend to manifests. So for the rest of the day. Observe your thoughts and actions. Identify what’s not working for you. Make a list of your current operating beliefs, the new cd’s you’d like to have programmed into your cd player, the filters you want to attend to and make decisions by. The values and beliefs you want to become habitual, automatic. And then intentionally begin to practice them, think about them and moment by moment use them as the compass by which you make your decisions.



Operating beliefs.



Pink. Elvis. Faith Hill. Pink. The Beatles. Fresh Dog. Snoop. Usher. Miley Cyrus. Lady Gaga. Micheal Jackson.

Choice. Free will. Change is a conscious choice. Choose today to upgrade your beliefs, program your life cd’s by intentionally and very deliberately attending to the thoughts, actions and deeds that align with who you want to be and what you most value.

You are not a slave to your DNA nor do you have to be a slave to the jukebox within. Get upgrading. Get attending and call me if you get stuck!

Oh and in case no one tells you today- you rock the palace and you – you are a miracle!

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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