When Life Sucks…

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When Life Sucks

( A fiction story)

“I win the award today.” My girlfriend Bonnie grinned as I pulled up a chair.”

“You sure about that?” I asked.

“Oh I’m sure.”

“Okay so pray tell, why do you win the ‘my life, sucks more than yours-today” award?

“Bill was laid off. Again.”

“Geez. I’m sorry.”

‘Ya, and that’s not all, without his salary the bank told us we are out of time- the house went into foreclosure today at 12.”

I stared at the swirl on the top of my latte. “You’re right – you win. That really sucks. What can I do?”

“Shoot me.”

“Probably not, any other ideas?” I smiled

“Did you say you had a contact for Bill?”

“Yeah, I’ll get that when I’m back at my computer.”


“What else, back rub? Foot rub? Long walk?”

“I was feeling more Thelma and Louise.”

“Hmm will the loan officer fit in my trunk? Or are we going after his boss, first?”

She smiled. “I’ve got to fly and pick up the kids. Catch you tomorrow?”

“Call me.” I confirmed as we headed out the door.

Unlocking the car door I slid behind the wheel and slipped the key into the ignition. As I leaned my head back onto the head rest I picked up the envelope I’d opened earlier in the day, the one sitting on the passenger seat.

Slowly I unfolded it.

Dr. Hysoki, Oncologist Seattle Washington

Tumor: Malignant

Size: 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/4

Lymph Nodes: Positive

Ripping the letter in two I tossed the pieces on the seat . I gripped the steering wheel till my knuckles turned white.

This wasn’t news to me, but it would be for everyone else. I didn’t need to win, ‘my life sucks more than yours’ today.

It appeared I would have plenty of opportunities for that title. Or maybe not.

Now, the question was; how to make life ‘suck’ for my tumor.

Pam Hoelzle

Because sometimes – life sucks.

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