Where Do You Spend Your Time? Future Tripping, Memory Lane or in the Power of NOW?

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The Passage of Time

Do you spend your time future tripping, rewinding through memory lane or here NOW- living your values and beliefs?

Ambition and an insatiable, unhealthy desire to prove myself has informed most of my life investments. Somewhere along the journey I bought into the lie, that I needed to prove my self. That I was either winning and worthy or losing and road kill. ( No, this wasn’t at the conscious level) So you can imagine how my choices and investment strategy of time, talents and resources might have been effected. Ultimately these faulty life operating beliefs led me to majoring in future tripping and getting a flipping Phd in memory lane misery.

Decisions. They bombard us moment by moment.

What should we attend to?

What should we invest in?

´╗┐What should we invest our life currencies, energies into: time, talents, money, resources, passion, skills?

Ideally our values; what we believe is important and our life operating beliefs inform our investments, the ways in which we invest ourselves and our resources.

The clearer you and I are about what is important to us, what we believe is important and our priorities the easier it is to make life investment decisions. And the clearer it becomes that investing our precious time in future tripping and memory lane lollygagging may not be the wisest thing to do.

When I’m in living in my head scrolling through the past or envisioning the future I’m not present in mind, body and spirit. I am not; here now. And it is here, now; in this present moment that life is experienced and created. A quality life is created moment by moment. No duh you say? Well, sorry I’m a little slow.

These days I find myself a student of the moment. Teachers are appearing from all walks of life to model for me how to press deeply into the moment and live. They’re teaching me to experience time as not so much a horizontal continuim but as a as a vertical with indescribable depth.

Life. How might the next 10 minutes inform the next and then the next. Time is precious. I’m committed to showing up here, now – presently!

It’s time.

Pam Hoelzle

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