Who Matters more even than WHERE or HOW…

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First Who…

Now more than ever… WHO matters.

Whether you’re an established company, a one-year old business, or a start-up; your team matters. “First who then where” Jim Collins admonishes in his national bestseller Good To Great. In his historic contrasting of good and great companies Collins discovered that great businesses have a propensity for putting the right people on the team, they obsess about this and they do this first; before they do anything else.

First WHO before Where or WHAT is something all leaders need to remember; NOW…more than ever.

In times like this even the most experienced can be tempted to go on the defense. Everyone knows you have to play offense to score…a great defense helps you win but you must put points on the board to win. So keep your priorities straight and focus on the WHO you’re working with don’t invest all your time in shaving line items off the P and L. People matter most; always and especially NOW!

The best decision you can make is to lead and the first order of leadership is getting the right people on the team; driving the bus; navigating the boat. The right people will move you from where you are today to where you want to go.

Cut flab, always fight ineffectiveness; but never, ever cut 5 star people; not board members, contracted associates, employees or partners. Not now; not ever.

Sit down today and take a hard look at your “WHO.”

IS it full of A level players? Nothing will get you through the rough waters we find ourselves in today faster and in better shape than making sure you have the right people manning the oars and navigating alongside you.

How much time did you spend last week on where you are going, how and when?

How much time did you spend on your team, your tribe; the WHO?

First; WHO; then, where…NOW

First WHO questions

Does each of the “WHOse” on your team share the company’s values, ideals, beliefs and passions?

Does each WHO represent an essential skill, experience, background, knowledge base complimentary to the rest of the team?

Is each WHO stronger, more able, challenging, a self-starter a leader in their own right?

Do you like each WHO? IS each WHO; whom you would choose to spend a good portion of life with?

Do you believe in each WHO? 

Trust each WHO?

Feel confident that each WHO on your bus…can help your tribe go wherever you choose?

First who then where and how…

Pam Hoelzle

With is a powerful thing


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