Whose Blind Side Do You Have?

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Blind side, blind spots and reality checks

Over the weekend I watched the movie The Blind Side. The movie was inspired by the book Blind Side, evolution of the game. The story of Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. One family steps into a young man’s life to help out for a night and it transforms both the young man, his destiny and the family.

It is in the giving we most receive. And it is in the doing we most become. It is in serving we are most human. We are at our best as people when we draw near and help each other.

We all have a blind side, blind spots exist in most every human endeavor, they are especially true in business and social change. Leaders, entrepreneurs, social change agents are often so intent on getting the ball down the field they lose track of anything else, what they don’t yet know or don’t understand.

I am in the business of helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and social venturist with their blind side and blind spots. A part of what I do on a daily basis with my clients is called ‘the reality check.‘ You smile. Over the years I’ve developed a process for helping individuals see their blind side, discover new opportunities and clarify the path ahead. I like covering people’s back, watching their blind side and helping them score! I love the process of discovery that catapults a person from 10% of their human capacity to 60%. I love to see people grow into who they always wanted to become. I love to be a part of taking an idea and surrounding it with Mrs. Tuohy’s and watching transformation in action.

I love the process of turning possibility into reality.

You see all evil needs is for ‘good’ to stay home. When you and I commit to showing up and covering each other’s backsides, helping out on the blind side and identifying blind spots we change lives. It’s one thing for me to get paid to provide reality checks for business, leaders and entrepreneurs it’s another thing to generously commit myself to this way of living and being regardless of an individuals ability to repay me.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to add mere years to my life, I want to add more life to my years. Life is for the giving, engaging and loving.

My commitment is to continue to step up and identify people I can assist on their journey – individuals who need their backside covered, who need help navigating the blind spots, people who will continue to transform and change my life the way Michael Oher transformed the Touhy family.

Whose blind side do you have?

And who has yours?

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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