Whose On Your Dream Team?

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Dream Team 1991, originally uploaded by steviebreech.

Teams Make Dreams Come True

This 1991 Olympic Dream Team has all us basketball junkies salivating; just think of the talent here…

Each player uniquely  gifted adding abilities and expertise to the team. Together all united with one purpose, one vision- one mission; forget about the outcome right now.

Think about a team with a dream…a dream team.

I use to think success was all about proving one's own prowess; performance; achievement, as with most of my life, it's not what I thought. ..Life, success, community, team, achievement, making a difference, love, family, health…it all get's better with team.

In life and business we all need a dream team.

 This dream team united to win the Olympics, your dream team unites to achieve your goal, your mission.

So, what do you really really want? These five decided long before this teaming they wanted to be the best of the best in basketball. What do you want today, now this moment…?

Good, now that you're clear; what skills and expertise do you need on your team? What will it take  to get you from where you are today, here, to there- where you want to be?

3 to be free- 5 to Thrive…

Now it's time for action lets go recruit the abilities, the passion, the skills and expertise; the team that can help you achieve your dreams!

Pam Hoelzle
Because: It's Not What I Thought


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