Why. What is your compelling why?

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Why? What is the compelling WHY behind WHAT you do?

I use to think ‘WHAT’ was the most important question I could ask myself. I use to think WHAT mattered more than WHY.

Now, I believe WHY I’m doing something is as important if not more so than WHAT I’m doing.

And it’s even more than that. You see, I don’t believe I’m capable of completing WHAT matters unless I have a very clear and very compelling WHY to support it. So WHY, well, it’s revolutionizing WHAT I do, these days.

What is the compelling WHY, the reason behind your choices? Do you have a compelling why? And if you don’t-might that be an issue?

What is a compelling WHY you ask? A compelling why, is the reason behind your actions and investments. WHY is the motivation, the power behind WHAT you pursue and invest in. Why? Why would I want to make this investment, take this risk, pursue this endeavor? A compelling WHY asks questions like, is this WHAT aligned with my values, operating beliefs and priorities? Does this opportunity, venture, option sync up with what’s most important to me? Is this WHAT in line with how I want to invest myself financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually?

If the WHY is compelling enough; most anything is possible.

When my WHY is weak, unsubstantial or non existent I often find I don’t have the adequate inspiration, motivation, fuel and foundation to execute, complete or show up to complete the WHAT that I’ve chosen to invest in…

Need an example of a compelling WHY? Don’t miss the story of Team Hoyt. Dick Hoyt has had a major COMPELLING WHY behind his decision to bike, run and swim his son to inclusion.

So perhaps it’s time to ask yourself WHY? Why am I doing this? Write, story board, do whatever it takes to get clear as to the WHY behind your decision, investment or commitment.

Why; What is your compelling Why? Tell me your thoughts.

Pam Hoelzle

Seattle Business Coach

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