2010 ; What Matters Now AND the 8 components of FLOW!

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2010; What Matters Now: Say Hello Wave Goodbye Series

I  thought I'd review the tenants of optimal performance that I gleaned from Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi's book, Flow and share how they are helping me think about WHAT matters in 2010.

It's true that both  us as individuals and our ventures are shaped by what we attend to. What we attend to, invest our valuable and precious resources, time, talents, energy in ultimately determines our life experience, happiness and journey.

My mother was right; it's essential to 'attend' to things I love, am passionate about. Those things which I find myself easily entering the zone and flow when I do, Why? Because it's only the endeavors I will  practice enough,spend the time doing in which I have any hopes of mastering, or completing.

 Things I find unappealing, boring or trite and meaningless will not make the 2010 WHAT; cut. Because I want to live more of my life in optimal, the flow, zone.

More is not necessarily more. For me; more WHAT"S, priorities and goals is not a good idea for 2010.

Every one of my goals; WHAT"s for 2010 will filter through my purpose and be congruent with; Integrity, Faith, Inspiration, Learning, Giving, Love, Authenticity, Transparency, Freedom, Health, Abundance and Community.

If a 'What' or goal does not filter, extend or resonate with my vision and is not consistent with my values; I will not be wasting my time with it. It's not me. It's not my business.

2010 is a year of my; very ….terminal life. I want to be present,  surprised and also diligent to steward my time and talents in a way that best serves allowing me to show up doing what brings the most impact to others and myself.

I am a creator of optimal experience and thus responsible for orchestrating the elements that increase the probability I, my clients and team mates experience optimal, happiness, success.

Success and happiness is not pursued- it is experienced and for me it is experienced when I invest in things that have value and impact in the lives of others.

There is no one plan, strategy or tactic that will make or break 2010 for me.

Success in the new year is about Clarity of intent and purpose and appropriate teaming and resourcing to make it happen.

 Here's how the 8 major components of FLOW, optimal experience relate to my plan for the new year:

1.'Optimal' usually occurs when I confront things I  have a chance of completing.

    That means chunking down big hairy audacious goals into bite size pieces

2. I must be able to concentrate on what I am doing.

Be very proactive in orchestrating the right work/life environment.

3. Concentration is made possible when the task has a clear goal, benchmark; outcome.

Chunk things down….Begin with clear markers of success before jumping in.

4.Concentration is also aided by immediate and consistent feedback

     Have systems of engagement, continuous and immediate feedback to inform me of when I'm off, need to move right, slow down, speed up,…

5. Deep and effortless involvement that removes awareness of worry and anxiety come from just that; Deep involvement…getting lost in what I am doing.

      Don't take on things you aren't challenged by, love or desire to master. Period. It's a waste of other peoples lives and your own…

6.WHen I love what I am doing, when I find it enjoyable it gives me a sense of mastery and control and that helps me excel ….

    Work with people who get what enjoyable is, who I enjoy.

7. I won't be wrapped up in myself and yet will grow stronger as I allow myself to have more and more optimal, flow experiences within my day, week, month and year

    Trust the zone, what you love, enjoy, flow; if it feels bad- think about it…..?

8. Hours pass, minutes fly when I am investing in what is optimal, best, enjoyable.

If time is slow and I am constantly checking the clock I am out of flow and I need to reassess what I am investing in; I am not in the moment.

 Your turn…..talk to me……..what do you think?

Pam Hoelzle

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  1. Giovanni

    Someone once told me that you don’t really know something until you teach it to others. Your sharing and teaching enriches us all and will keep us all in flow. Thank you Pam.