A conversation: Change, Reinvention and Creating What You Want

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The only thing that stays the same in life and business is change.

The other day I received an email from a woman who needed to cancel a meeting, in the email she said,

I will no longer be doing this, it appears I need to reinvent myself AGAIN, this is getting exhausting.”

If you are in the midst of creating a new business, reinventing anything, looking to create a new career or starting over…..

This is your conversation…it starts now and on Monday January 18th at 8-9am PST we will be live on the air and streaming on twitter.

The question is; what does it take to move from thought and idea to manifesting what you want, the results? What have you learned about change, transformation, reinvention?

Join my guests, listen to their stories, add your experiences, share, ask questions.

It’s a conversation; engage, connect and collaborate it’s all about working together to succeed at what matters most to each of us…

Change, Reinvention and Creating what you want

Monday January 18th 8-9am PST: Join change agents; Patti Dobrowolski from Up Your Creative Genuis and Ethan Yarbrough from Allyis and myself.

Stream the show at http://www.chatwithwomen.com . (Click watch show live) or tune in to itunes anywhere in the world between 8-9am PST on 1/18 http://j.mp/KKNW-AM and then get online at twitter, search #pamchat and engage in the conversation 8-9 AM PST Monday January 18th. Oh and if you are in a car and driving around the greater Seattle and Bellevue area you can tune to 1150 AM.

Have a question you’d like input on ?

GO NOW and tweet it out and make sure and tag it with #pamchat or @pamhoelzle and I will retweet it… let’s get this conversation…I mean social party going.

As I said yesterday, it’s the questions, it’s making the ask.

So engage, ask, listen, share, collaborate. We’re here, now, presently on planet earth to unleash possibility, create, do some good, change, grow and become….It’s never too late to become or create what you might have…

Collaborative, Social Conversations Matter- Engage in Change.

Pam Hoelzle

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