blind spot

Blind spots they kill people, dreams and relationships…

My blog post was unintentionally discarded by the internet the other day. I have to admit as a writer I want to stand on the table and scream when this happens. Okay sometimes I want to do something much worse than that…but deep down I don’t really believe in accidents. When my writing disappears I always assume the ultimate editor is telling me I can do better.

In the past week I’ve been privy to a couple conversations and experiences that have left me wondering about life and leadership blind spots.

As a driver of a motor vehicle I think about my blind spots. As a leader, creator, parent, entrepreneur and friend not so much.

In a car, I’m acutely aware that my blind spots, what I don’t see might kill me.

In my life, not so much.

I’m very intentional, cautious, careful to check my blind spot when I’m driving, mostly because I know I have one.

Most of us are aware of our blind spots as drivers of motor vehicles, I wonder how aware we are of our personal, leadership and business blind spots?

No one has 20/20 life or business vision, that’s why we have teams. No one person can be aware or knowing of everything. And so it behooves us creators and leaders to ask ourselves, “What might I be missing? What might I not know that I don’t know? Where are my blind spots?”

Sometimes blind spots are assumptions. We assume something needs to be incrementally improved when in reality it needs to be re-invented.

Sometimes blind spots results from years of habitual being, doing and seeing.

Sometimes blind spots occur because we ask the same questions of the same people, again and again.

Sometimes blind spots are comfortable because they insulate us from reality.

Sometimes blind spots are evidence of isolation.

Sometimes we are blind because our ego is so overwhelmingly large.

Sometimes blind spots are unintentional other times deliberate and intentional.

Sometimes we want to be blind.

Sometimes we don’t have enough help to see clearly.

Sometimes we are too prideful to see what others see, listen to what others say or feel how they feel.

I don’t know everything there is to know about about blind spots. But I do know that my own blind spots hae killed more than one venture, goal, relationship and dream.

Blind spots.

They’re reality. Ignoring them when your behind the wheel and yo might just kill someone, ignore them in your business or relationships and you might just kill your dream or your vision…


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2 Responses to “Blindspots”

  1. Joe McCarthy

    It does seem that one of the implicit motivations behind making assumptions is to reduce what we believe we need to look at or think about, and thus create blind spots.

    I’m reminded of Dee Hock’s Chaordic Leadership Principles, one of which focuses on hiring to reduce blind spots (although he doesn’t use this term):

    “Never hire or promote in your own image. It is foolish to replicate your strength. It is stupid to replicate your weakness. Employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability and judgment are radically different from your own and recognize that it requires uncommon humility, tolerance, and wisdom.”

    • Pam Hoelzle


      Ever since the LBS class I’ve wanted to meet you! I’ve seen you around and I’d love to learn more about Gumption and your projects. Thanks for the input.
      I think surrounding ourselves with what we are comfortable with is ultimately a choice for the status quo, rut. Courage. Leaders must have it in spades as must innovators and creators. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and genius with us!