A Model For Telling Your Business Story


A Model For Telling Your Business Story

Stories matter. And in the marketplace business story, organization story matter ALOT!

Each story should be as unique as the DNA that makes up the venture or organization. That said every story should take into mind the following elements. Want to see your story in a whole new way and get clear on how to improve it? Consider this model for telling your story; organization story, business story….

1. What’s the BIG Idea that inspires your company, team, the greater movement you are a part of?

Ex: The Big Idea my clients are interested in: Growing, Creating, Changing Innovating, Communicating

2.Who is the target client?

Ex: My target client: Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to grow

3. Now what is the problem/opportunity (stated in the clients words)

Primary Problem my clients have:

Ex:My marketing is not working.” “I’m unclear on what to do or where to go next.” “I don’t know hohw to communicate our value” ” I want to take our marketing social, get digital and do a better job online.” I want to scale this start up.” “I want marketing expertise to help us navigate this downturn.” “We need to tell our business story, organization story better.”

4. Now what is Your unique solution? What is it, that differentiates you from other solutions/businesses

Ex: I’ve owned & built multi-million dollar businesses, succeeded and failed at start-up, founded and scaled both service and product companies, led teams as large as 500, serving 20,000 people a week and I teach marketing, online marketing and start-up on a college campus. I don’t just consult and coach I LIVE it and DO it.

5.What is YOUR PROMISE? What is the one sentence that clearly states what you have to offer your clients?

Ex: Get Clear & Grow!

6. What are your high value ,innovative solutions; your products and ser(vices? Products and Services are nothing more than solutions.)


Entrepreneur Collaborator

Sales & Marketing VP

Online Marketing VP

Leadership VP

Business Model/Strategy VP

Change Agent

Each of my solutions is a short term engagement where I come in and play all out on the team to deliver clear outcomes and deliverables to help leaders get where they want to go.

7. Values and Personality

What are the values of the business, the feel of the culture, personality, tone of voice, likes, dislikes?

Ex: Growth, innovation, creativity, learning, integrity, authenticity, transparency, compassion, humor, fun, adventure, possibility-faith, entrepreneurial, builder, creator, strategist

8. Keywords

These are the keywords of your story. These are the words you want to engage in and around online and in real life. These are the words you will be found around, listen for, engage with.


Marketing, Growing business, Start-up, Leadership Development, Entrepreneur, Create, Change, Innovate, Grow, Good Business, Social Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Engage, Serve, Lead, Marketing, Communicating, Inspiration, Storytelling, Client Service, Clarity, Business strategy, business model, adjunct professor,

*From keywords we further define keywords we want to ‘own’ and create unique and proprietary words to differentiate our brand

9. Reviewal and Storytelling

All of your clients testimonials, reviewals and stories should be retold in written form, video, audio so that they are easily shareable across today’s media and networks.

Online testimonials like these are a beginning. Now how about videos and testimonials in major search sites your target client uses to help them make purchasing decisions. Mostly these days, we listen to our friends and check out the online communities we are a part of for feedback.

10. Engaging

Engaging happens as we share, listen and relate, online and in real life. Clients don’t just want to understand they want to experience all the value that comes from working with you.

All tuned up and ready to update your business story, organization’s story

What did I miss? Thoughts?

Pam Hoelzle

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