Change is a coming…

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These are my two kids: Rosalie; Rosie Chaney named for the grandmother she never met and my Mom; who left this earth six months prior to her birth and Zachary Paul; Zach.

Rosie is 19 today she was born 19 New Years ago. It's hard to believe I could even conceive a child that long ago as deeply unconscious and dysfunctional as I was…way back then.

Smile. Happy Birthday Rosie- in a year that brought the passing of my favorite person in the world up until then; my Mom, God blessed me with you. You have continued to be evidence of the miraculous in my life and I am so incredibly blessed as I watch and take part in your becoming…Rosie is a freshman at DU; Denver University and she returns to the second half of her freshman year on Sunday.

Zach was born in the summer of 1993. He has been the "main"  boy in my heart for oh some 15 years. Zach you have such an amazing good heart and a knowing that is far beyond your years! You have taught me so much about grace. Zach is also preparing for a new adventure in Colorado and he and I will be embarking on that journey January 12th!

Change. It's weird isn't it, when that which we've known; our kids growing and depending on us, living with us, our businesses stable, our clients loyal, our retirement secure: changes.

Change is a coming.

As I prepare to orchestrate the next changes to assist Rosie and Zach in the journey of their life it is  taking what feels like the last drop of faith I have, to let go of what was, what has been and my expectations of what it was suppose to all turn out like.

 I am doing my best to live the change and transformational principles I breathe daily as part of my calling and vocation here now presently with the people I love most in the whole wide world.

What changes could be transformational in your life; in the lives of those you are responsible for; your tribe, your team?

 IS fear holding you back from making them?

Find someone who believes in you; ask them to accompany you on this change journey and then  identify the skills and behaviors you need to master and sustain the change and transformation you desire. Finally, re-frame; instead of looking back at what was; see, feel and hear the new skills and behaviors that will create the transformation, the change you desire. Then act intentionally and deliberately  to manifest your desires.

Change it's a coming…let's not wait for it- let's swim out to it.

 here's to your… families- companies- tribes transformation in 2009!

Change it matters


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