Charity Water. Now this is GOOD business.

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Did you know that a little over 1.1 billion people live without clean water? (1 in 6 people)

And that 80% of all disease in the world is caused by water?

Did you know that water changes everything?

Do you know about Charity Water and how easy it is for you and I to join them in their effort to bring water to the world?

Charity Water.

In a little over 3 1/2 years Scott Harrison has gone from as he puts it, ‘spiritually bankrupt’ to what I think you would agree is world changer status.

In just under 4 years Charity Water has raised over 19 M dollars, committed 100% of it’s donations to it’s 2524 projects. Confirmed all of it’s projects with Google maps, video and gps and brought water to over 250,000 people. In addition, Charity Water has created a platform where you and I can design our own ‘mycharity’ and begin our own fund raising to build wells around the world.

The business canvas of Charity water;

Charity Water Business/Venture Canvas

Be the change you want to see in the world. And when you come across world changers. Spread the word….because all ‘good’ needs is for more of us to get in the game.


Pam Hoelzle

Make a life, do the most good- you possibly can, my friend, while you still can!~

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