When ‘Your’ story transforms ‘My’ story; Charity Water, Eastlake Community Church

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Charity Water, Eastlake Community Church; When ‘YOUR’ story transforms ‘MY’ story

(Video- Scott Harrison- speaking at Eastlake Community Church about Charity Water and Eastlake’s Drinks for Drinks benefit and partnership)

The words pull you in. You can’t seem to leave your seat. The pages fly, the movie speeds forward Lost in ‘the story’ you find yourself…
How is it that ‘my’ storycomes to intersect ‘your story?’ What does it take for ‘your story’ to impact, transform, engage ‘my story?’
I share the Charity Water model to help clients and students understand business modeling AND good business.
This summer I wrote about how ‘My’ story was impacted by the Drinks for Drinks benefit sponsored by Eastlake Community Church for Charity Water. The initial goal to raise $15K to finance three wells was crushed with the members raising over $300,ooo!

Impressive, huh? Especially when most, if not all non-profits are currently experiencing declines in donations and giving.
In his visit to Eastlake Community Church on December 5th Scott Harrison (founder, CEO of Charity Water) shared, it all changed when he realized it wasn’t ‘OUR’ story …it was ‘YOUR’ ‘MY’ story that mattered.
MYCHARITY . The MYCHARITY platform allows anyone who resonates with the fact 1 billion people are without water to easily launch their own charity to raise donations to finance wells.
Charity Water provides a simple, platform with all the storytelling and gps location and videos to confirm that 100% of the donations they receive go directly to building wells in developing nations.
Engagement. Action. It’s the goal. How do we accomplish it, how do we move the non-participant to trial, engagement, loyalty? What is the secret sauce to enticing, seducing, encouraging, reinforcing, creating – engagement, purchase, membership, donations?
That’s just it- it’s none of that. Old school beliefs plus a healthy dose of pride will lead you to believe that ‘your’ story is ‘MY’ story.
It’s not. ‘Your’ story is ‘your’ story.
Your job is to BE ‘your’ story and to make it easy for ‘MY” story’ to intersect yours. And when it does intersect, when I experience ‘your’ story let’s pray you are at your best, aligned with your mission, vision and values and communicating clearly.
Who knows- your story might just transform ‘MY story’ and if it does, I will share it. Because when I’m transformed, impacted, changed, served, engaged…I tell people…and so do you.

Charity Water and EastlakeCC each have a story; 100% donations to build wells in developing nations; church for the rest of us. And they ARE each very committed to BEING their story, they get that you and I are not in to mere story for story sake when it comes to donating and investing our time, hearts and souls. No, we are looking for reality, something we can believe in, become a part of; if we so choose.
Charity Water eats, sleeps and breathes the vision of bringing water to 1 billion people without it. Eastlake is over the top in their commitment to introduce people to Jesus Christ.

Both Charity Water and Eastlake ‘get’ social storytellling. Their stories are shared online and they are masters at making things easy, they want it to be risk free, convenient and simple for you and I.
At Eastlake when you walk through the door a stranger greets you with a free cup of coffee, a band is playing loud music, pastors are in jeans crying and clips of the office help you feel like you’re at home. It feels relevant, safe and it’s very comfortable for the person who thinks God lovers are over the top wack-jobs.

Integrity. You won’t find Charity Water pushing books …they are committed to one thing- WATER. And you won’t find Eastlake watering down their message; they may be cool and hip but they love JESUS, this is not another coffee shop or sushi bar. Both Charity and Eastlake get that you can’t be everything or you will be nothing. As the country song say’s, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.” Be who you are, lose the rest.

For ‘My’ story to be transformed by you, ‘Your’ story it must resonate with my deepest beliefs , values, wants and needs. I must be aware of your story, experience it, hear about it, attend it and when I do ‘try’ it , or ‘experience’ it – it needs to ‘fit.’

And finally, I must find evidence that you are what you purport to be, say you are. (Charity Water uses video and gps photos and maps to confirm each well is in fact built.)

At the end of Scott Harrison’s talk on Sunday he shared how God is in the business of restoration. And how action and obedience allow God to transform our STORIES.
Hmmm could it be, if we lost ‘religion’ altogether we might find that our wiggly, squiggly lives might intersect THESTORY of love and might that be, all it takes to transform ‘your’ story and ‘my’ story?
Be like Christ, Charity Water,, Eastlake Community Church. Lose “YOUR” story. Give it away.
Let it become ….my story….if I choose….
Pam Hoelzle
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