Closing The Leadership Gaps

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I attended the Town Hall event in Seattle last night featuring national best selling author Daniel Pink.

Pink was in town to talk about his new book, Drive; The Surprising Truth About what Motivates Us.

Pink’s cocktail party summary of his book is,

” When it comes to motivation there is a gap between what science knows and what business does. Our current business system-which is built around external, carrot and stick motivators-doesn’t work and often does harm. We need an upgrade. And science shows the way. This new approach has three essential elements, (1) autonomy; the desire to direct our own lives; (2) Mastery; the urge to get better and better at something that matters and (3) Purpose- the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.

As I sat in the audience last night I had a divine aha about gaps.

It referred back to a word I coined some time ago, mattergaps and it brought together Pink’s prior work in his book, A Whole New Mind, Ben and Rosumand Zander’s, The Art of Possibility , Tony Robbins work on Motivation, the 8 components of Flow as well as some of Pink’s ideas from Drive.

So here are the gaps in my leadership I am addressing and the questions ‘ll be asking myself over the next couple of days, weeks, let’s be honest years…ahead.

Oh and by the way, yes I am going to tape a copy of this blog post on the fridge right next to the photo of the 45 year old chic with six-pack abs and buns of steel…

matter gaps….):


The ability to see the whole picture, to see the individual components, to understand masterpieces are mosaics. The ability to conduct, facilitate, orchestrate a collaborative, interdependent whole from many pieces, elements, people.

What am I doing to improve my ability to collaborate, to facilitate and orchestrate in a way that unleashes individuals to realize their best self, highest potential?

Autonomous Collaboration

The ability to be self directed, to have autonomy over what is done, how it is done, when it is done and with whom it is done.

To be a leader that facilitates and orchestrates autonomous environments that allow individuals and results to flourish, for collaboration and interdependence to manifest naturally not out of force.

What can I do to better harmonize autonomy with community and collaboration; independence with interdependence? How am I helping my own kids and the leaders I team with to grow in their ability to self direct?


The ability to stand in anothers shoes, to understand others perspective and feelings.

How can I continue to be empathetic and not take on feeling for another, or the responsibility to change how another feels?


The ability to have fun. To be a kid. To be curious. To be present in the moment and carefree.

What can I do to blur the lines and infuse fun into my leadership and work style?

Meaning and Purpose

Having a purpose, a cause that is bigger than myself, more enduring. Making progress on things that matter.

How will I inquire as to each individuals ‘purpose motive?’ What can I do to help leaders and those I work with harmonize the ‘profit motive’ with the ‘purpose motive?’

Engaging Service

Engaging in meaningful, value added behaviors that communicate my appreciation and commitment to others. Practicing humility, taking the position of one whose purpose is to serve; not control, force or dominate.

What am I doing to communicate how valuable and incredible others are to me? What am I doing to model service, serving?

Interdependent Community

Autonomous, self directed individuals willfully engaging in collaborative, team related, community building activities for high impact, value and purpose.

What am I doing to move away from an overly independent life and leadership style to a more harmonious, autonomous, interdependence engaged in th communities that matter to me?

Sweet Spots and Flow

All the intersections where passion, expertise and purpose meet. The activities that most make an individual come alive and enhance life enjoyment and meaning.

What am I doing to help others identify their strengths and passions and move to jobs, ventures, and life pursuits that unleash their highest potential?

What things do I need to stop doing as they are not in my sweet spot and sabotage’ flow’ ?

Okay your thoughts?????

Pam Hoelzle

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