” Are You; ever hearing, never understanding…”

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Photo by Mike Baird

Which one are you? The person covering your ears, sticking your tongue out, chanting, “Na, Na, Na, NaNa.?”

Or the one; baring your soul, sharing your best ideas, hoping to be heard?

Maybe you find yourself looking into a fog…. ever seeing but never quite understanding or perceiving those around you.

To see. To hear. To know. To feel.

There’s no one to blame but our selves for our inability to use our hearts to see and hear. Yes. Our hearts are best used as a means for seeing, hearing and knowing those around us, those we love, befriend and even those we lead.

That we would see, truly perceive beyond what’s easily recognizable.

That we would hear, truly understand with our hearts, soul and ears.

That the callouses would fall from our hearts and we would experience grace, empathy, compassion and understanding for those we work with, lead and have the honor to call friends, family, loved ones or peers and employees.


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