Flexibility & the ‘There, There’

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In a recent conversation with Ethan Yarbrough from Allyis and Patti Dobrowloski from Up Your Creative Genius I stumbled upon a new term; ‘there, there.’

The ‘there, there’ is my new favorite word to describe the vision, big picture or goal.

During our conversation Ethan shared he had attended college at Western Washington University intent on becoming an English professor. He was in grad school, teaching English, when he learned that if he realized his goal and became an English professor he would be forced to specialize in one topic and stay true to that specialty over the course of his entire career.

In an instant, Ethan knew he could never shut off his curiosity. He knew there was no way he could spend the rest of his life learning and teaching just one subject. Suddenly the road to ‘there, there’ changed.

Patti shared a story of reinventing her ‘there, there’ after building a successful consulting practice with several partners. The clients, partners and the money were great but the journey left Patty drained and unmotivated. Her ‘there, there’ was changing, she wasn’t sure what it was evolving to only that it was time to take a new road, a new path and re-envision a new vision for her work and life.

As I listened to Ethan and Patty I was struck how essential flexibility is to the creator, entrepreneur and leader.

Early on in my creative, entrepreneurial journey I thought the key to success, manifesting my goals, my ‘there, there’ was to work hard, be unrelenting, stick to the plan and execute, execute, execute! Over the years rigidity and inflexibility set in.

Several of my’ there. there’s’ were sabotaged by my lack of flexibility. Other goals and dreams were derailed due to spending too much time planning the ‘there, there’ and not enough time in the ‘here, here’ showing up.

I wouldn’t trade a life of pursuing ‘there, there’s’ for anything. I am a creator.

I just need to remind myself every once in awhile, that life is played in the ‘here, here.’ And that I have all the creative license, permission I need to; change, bob, weave, turn right, go left, serpentine as needed….

because the ‘there, there’ is nothing more than dreaming big, staying intent and showing up every moment of the journey to live the ‘here, here.’


So what are you learning about ‘there, there?’

Pam Hoelzle

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