From static websites to meaningful social platforms, eco-systems


From Static To Dynamic. From Archived to Real Time. From Network to Eco-systems. From volume to meaning my journey in social media/digital communications

Meaning. Pure and simple I want to provide added value and for me that means making it easier for you to find what you need from me.

In addition I have my own search for meaning going on right now as it pertains to my social eco systems and how I add value. I’m done with networks and posts for the sake of them, it’s time for me to filter my investment of time and talent through the filter of meaning, purpose and value.

After seeing what Micheal Hyatt had done with his new site using the Daily Edition WordPress theme, I engaged my own team to help me transform my static website and get rid of that webmaster who never had time for me and move into a more meaningful social eco system platform that is dynamic.

First off let me thank Joe Kennedy for his patience and technical aptitude to take the theme I picked and then adapt all the changes and weave in the social integration I desired. If you’re still prisoner to a webmaster or stuck on a static site unable to fuel your social eco systems I’d highly recommend you talk to Joe and here’s another client he helped develop a customized social ecosystem. Also my lovely friend Jules Frazier is responsible for the photo’s and she has an incredible visual talent for making sure your look conveys the gut feeling of who you and your brand are. And Annya over at Aua design reworked my logo.

The photo above is from Dave Armano. I like his work and his thinking. As I see it we are well past the infatuation stage of digital/social media. Now we get to move into the exciting real time journey of enhancing meaning. I believe we will do that more and more by developing eco-systems; environments and communities around that which brings and provides for meaning and purpose.

This is a part of my ecosystem to provide you with value. Check it out. Over the coming days and months I will be tying in the audio recordings from my radio shows and working to link pdfs and worksheets that might be helpful to you .

Because the reason I’m here….is to help you do what you do better. Call me. Email me. Comment below. Let me know what you think of the new site and the idea of moving to social ecosystems, platforms that operate in real time to provide meaning and value.

Pam Hoelzle

3 Responses to “From static websites to meaningful social platforms, eco-systems”

    • Pam Hoelzle

      I’m excited to have a platform like this up and yes- it will be a process of improving it over time. Thanks for the effort in helping me navigate the process!