What inspires you, fills you with energy, motivates you? DO IT!

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Energy. Motivation. Inspiration.

Yes, that’s me hiking this week up at Mt. Si. The woods are one of the places I go to refuel, recreate and get re-energized. You see I get that I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience. The only way I can show up with transformational energy, motivated and inspired is to commit myself to the spiritual, soul and body activities that restore the deposits I make on a daily basis. My mind has a way of tiring my soul out and left to it’s own desires my body would leave my mind and spirit depleted. So I’ve learned over the years to develop practices and play investments that replenish body, mind and spirit.

Energy. Motivation. Inspiration it matters. We’ve all walked into a meeting and felt depleted and empty. Worse yet, we’ve had to work with others who run chronically unmotivated, uninspired and under energized. It’s a sign that something is amiss when we are chronically unmotivated, uninspired and can’t muster the energy necessary.

How do you manage your energy stores, motivation and your level of inspiration? What inspires you? What fills your energy tank? What and who motivate you?

For me; outdoor pursuits, large swaths of solitude and silence, writing, laughing, physical exertion, communing with God and learning are the disciplines that I integrate into my life to keep my spirit and soul inspired, motivated and my energy stores high. I practice, I play at these activities and the result is I’m learning to harmonize the demands of a creative life. I’m learning how to live more inspired and how to lead and live at an energy level – that motivates me.

Design your life, steward your investments in such a way that inspires, energizes and motivates you.

Now please excuse me, I hear the woods calling- I’m off to fill my ‘muse’ tank….

Pam Hoelzle

Seattle Business Coach

425 218 5864

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