What inspires you, fills you with energy, motivates you? DO IT!

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Energy. Motivation. Inspiration. Yes, that’s me hiking this week up at Mt. Si. The woods are one of the places I go to refuel, recreate and get re-energized. You see I get that I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience. The only way I can show up with transformational energy, motivated and inspired is […]

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The gift of giving; understanding value.

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The other night as I was teaching Business Modeling and Planning to the MBA students at Northwest University. It hit me that value, is an often used term that is not always understood. Entrepreneurship and enterprise is nothing more than the art of identifying problems and opportunities in hopes of developing, capturing and delivering valuable […]

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Creativity Killers

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Ideation, Innovation, Creativity. What is the key to living the creative life? I’m not sure I can answer that question but it’s at the heart of what I’m curious about today. The other day in my quiet time I came across a quote by creative wonder Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. ” A […]

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Addicted to More? When is ‘less’ More?

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They had been in business for years. Over the years life sped up. They were insanely busy. Meetings, flights, project due dates. The work was exhilarating, it put them in the zone. They loved it and now they were starting to hate it. It had taken over their lives. It was their life. “We’ve got […]

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Originality: Original By Design

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In business and venturing I’m constantly admonishing entrepreneurs to create original, innovative high value business models, not merely creative marketing campaigns and sales tactics. The true secret of business is innovative design of solutions (products and services) to solve highly valued problems. I spend a lot of time creating and designing innovative businesses because business […]

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Who Do You Miss?

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Great leaders, partners, friends, family members and lovers let us know how much we are missed. They notice our absence. Our unique, original participation matters to them; deeply. Everyone wants to be missed. Born original and irreplaceable we hunger to be known for the gift we are. Who do you miss? Have you told them? […]

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Don’t swim if you were meant to fly! Don’t try to be a bird if you’re a fish!

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“I really think I should sequester myself in a room and just finish the project.” I mused to my friend. Smiling she asked. “So you want to be a fish, you want to swim?” Staring back at her I paused. If swimming meant staying on task, finishing the project and realizing completions, distance, milestones, success […]

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What are your favorite words?

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How Can I Help? What if I seek to understand more than to be understood? What if I show up in every encounter intent to help, serve and add value and meaning? What if I take my favorite words, “How can I help?” And make them a soulful mantra I commit to living by? How […]

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How are you investing your time?

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Time is a scarce resource. In my earlier years I always believed money was the scarcest of resources and the resource most worthy of my time. Reality is that you and I have several life currencies, resources from our physical and mental health to our finances, assets, experiences, relationships and time. The average 40 hour […]

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