Joy Is

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summer joyphoto by Dmitry Kichenko

Joy IS

In the spring of 99, after her 51 st birthday my mom lost her battle with breast cancer.

Six month’s later her namesake; Rosalie Chaney, my daughter was born.

When I sent out Rosie’s birth announcement I wrote, ” Our sorrow remains and yet …our joy is inextinguishable.”

It’s a principle God continues to teach me.

In a year that more doors closed than opened, more friends moved away than moved close. In a year that I trudged more valleys and dips than mountain tops I find myself once again under Joy’s tutelage.

JOY IS blind, deaf and mute to most everything happiness craves.

Joy IS:

Deaf to

endorphins, adrenaline and substances.

Blind to circumstances.

The souls’ celebration.

Mute to

wealth or poverty, divorce or marriage, health or disease, war or peace




The spirits’ WOOT.

Hands clapping.

Belly’s laughing.

Eye’s dancing.

Heart’s sparkling.

Loves’ party

Joy IS.

Pam Hoelzle

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