Marketing Revolution; It’ s Not Your Mother’s Marketing Class…

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It’s Not Your Mother’s Marketing Revolution.

Because some of you just don’t have time to stay up to speed with the integrated marketing revolution. Here’s some of the curriculum I will be teaching this week. Have fun and enjoy. Remember- a picture, video is worth a million blog posts…

Marketing defined;

“The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

My take creating and transferring value to others…

Here’s examples of the marketing revolution at hand;

Motrin Makes Mom’s Mad

The Commercial

The Motrin Online Outrage

Scion’s 2003 Marketing Launch

Red Cross Haiti Text Campaign Raises over 5M$ ( previous largest text campaign 190k)

Marketing Now

A Dialogue not a monlogue

Clients are the marketing department

Reviewal, Likes, have replaced advertising

Everyone has a voice, can create, share, edit, advise, refer, review, like or dislike

Everyone has a megaphone and a printing press- and everyone’s aligning around values, likes, lifestyle.

In case you missed it make sure you see the Social Media Revolution Video and make yourself familiar with The Clue Train Manifesto and We The People

Marketing now;

Conversations, Relevant, Real Time, Story telling, Social, Transparent, Authentic, Engaging, Enertaining, Solutions, ideas that are shareable, Dynamic, Mobile- on the go. Measurable.

Seth Godin Ted Talks

The Business Model Canvas and Value Creation

At the core marketing is about creating and delivering value. Value demands innovation. Innovation demands creative thinking. Marketing is not merely creative tactics. It’s innovation based on knowing consumers wants and needs and marshaling the resources to deliver the value in a profitable manner for all parties involved.

Now what are the questions we ask when we want to build innovation and value throughout the business and marketing strategy?

(click to enlarge)

Hot Brands are usually HOT Business Models + HOT Marketing

Now just to make sure you understand the evolution, the marketing revolution on hand…

Seth Godin: Ted Talks ‘The Tribes We Lead’

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