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 Mental challenges. I face them daily in my own entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur, business owner is a thinker, creator and visionary. Our strength; our intellectual creativity also has it's downside now doesn't it?

 Being a creative entrepreneur, a visionary is a commitment to living in a place where our reach out distances our grasp.  We are in a state of continual becoming, building and creating.

Of course we are mentally challenged. We live in the moment, here now presently and yet at the same time are charged with visions, dreams, possibility. We are responsible for being both untethered to reality, capable of envisioning possibility and yet living within this moment in time.  No wonder we sometimes overthink, worry and find business mentally challenging.

 So how does one harmonize the future with the present, vision with reality, cash with expenses, ideas with action, potential with possibility?

Thinking is good. Over thinking creates  anxiety, worry and stress. I wonder sometimes if we think too much, overcomplicate most and mentally spend too much time on the hamster wheel of what if and I wish so. Perhaps there is a way to learn how to forget, have short memories, change, revise, turn around and under think and over do some things?

I question most everything; nowdays. I guess that's why I get hired to be on a team. I think outside the box, chunking up to the vision and down into the details. I have no mental boundaries as many inside the venture have. Questions lead me to new solutions and help me see things others miss. What I've learned is there is no mental challenge that cannot be dissolved with a few good questions. And Einstein was right you cannot solve a challenge with the same level of thinking that created it.

 Here are a few of the questions I use with my business clients when they are stuck with their monstor fears, obssessive anxiety and mental grave digging ruminating…And remember

Quality is experienced second by second.

 Life is lived in the moment.

Creating, building, teaming is a sequential action not thought alone.

If you are living in your head, mentally wrestling invisible thought monsters you can't possible be playing your best game.

 The next time you find your business mentally challenged give these questions a try:

Is it really true: this business thought?


How do you know it's absolutely true?

So what's the worse case scenerio? How do you feel about that?

What is a complete business turnaround on this thought- one that gives you power to act? 

What action can you take right now?

What is mentally ruminating doing for you? Ready to stop?

What is it  time to let go of, forgive or forget?

Give Yourself Permission to Question Business Mental Challenges

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