Originality: Original By Design

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In business and venturing I’m constantly admonishing entrepreneurs to create original, innovative high value business models, not merely creative marketing campaigns and sales tactics. The true secret of business is innovative design of solutions (products and services) to solve highly valued problems. I spend a lot of time creating and designing innovative businesses because business is not naturally original, unique, different or innovative!

Now in terms of people it’s exactly the opposite!

Thanks to DNA, life experiences, family of origin; dysfunction and all, people can’t help but be original by design. Originality is us. We are original by design. And we don’t have to work hours and hours as business and ventures have to, to be unique and valuable.

Whereas business is challenged to differentiate itself people are born original and highly differentiated. The challenge for us as individuals is to embrace the fact that life is nothing more than the art of honestly expressing yourself.

You’re an original masterpiece. Now invest precious moment in making the life that is the most authentic expression of you; your original, unique, irreplaceable self!

Pam Hoelzle

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Make a life, not merely a living.

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