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Clay Dyer: Perspective Check


Tonight I am in Denver preparing my daughter Rosie for her trip to India. And I find myself thinking  about perspective.

Funny isn't it, what you and I think about,what we spend our time doing; well it comes to color the glasses by which we view the world,  relationships,  ventures, goals, dreams and yes even how we view our precious incredible children.

 Funny, I thought I came to town to help my nearly 20 year old prepare for her month abroad, little did I know I was really in town to get some much needed perspective.

Spending time on campus and stocking up on all the vital necessities she may need in the coming month. I have found myself getting to know this incredible young woman. Whether it be grades, finances, love, food, sex, philosophy, writing, or the near melt down over a lost pair of black leggings; she helped me regain focus, perspective on some things I had lost sight of.


Later when I was thinking about perspective I watched one of my all time favorite inspirational videos. The video I embedded above of Clay Dyer.

Perspective. Born with no arms and legs ….now a pro fisherman.

Sometimes we all lose perspective, get a little fuzzy, perhaps even entertain thoughts that limit our ability to live our very best lives. This weekend my daughter Rosie and Clay Dyer reminded me once again; time is short, life is miraculous and possibilities abound; regardless of the difficulties in your path.

I'm thankful that life offers up plenty of perspective checks.

What helps you to keep perspective?


"Heart, soul, mind; that's all we really need."  Clay Dyer

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