Perspective…ective; what’s your’s?

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Change. Innovation. Growth. Adventure. What if it's nothing more than considering things from a slightly different perspective? Developing a little different story about how things work…? Thankfully there is not one PERSPECTIVE. NO one has 'the' perspective. We each have 'A,' 'OUR' perspectives. The state of our own ideas, the facts as we've come to […]

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Perspective Check

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Clay Dyer: Perspective Check . Tonight I am in Denver preparing my daughter Rosie for her trip to India. And I find myself thinking  about perspective. Funny isn't it, what you and I think about,what we spend our time doing; well it comes to color the glasses by which we view the world,  relationships,  ventures, goals, […]

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Failure or Success: You Decide


I often talk about the front side and the back side of an entrepreneur's resume/bio. The back side of your life, resume is the side most of us are least comfortable letting other people see or know. Most of us spend our life presenting the 'front side,' our best side, the successes and home runs of […]

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