Perspective…ective; what’s your’s?

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Change. Innovation. Growth. Adventure. What if it's nothing more than considering things from a slightly different perspective? Developing a little different story about how things work…?

Thankfully there is not one PERSPECTIVE. NO one has 'the' perspective. We each have 'A,' 'OUR' perspectives. The state of our own ideas, the facts as we've come to believe them.Our own way of believing what is real, meaningful and how it all interrelates. Perspective defines, colors, perhaps even labels.

Perspective can fling the door of possibility wide open or ignore it even exists.

Truly; MY perception becomes MY reality.

Now let's take it a step further.  If all I know is based on what I perceive and my perceptions are the nothing more than the limited experiences of my life and the habitual way I've grown use to being ( my patterns of thinking and feeling) Then for me to change, innovate, build, create, and grow I must either engage in new experiences that change how I think and feel and or I must intentionally practice new ways of thinking and feeling.

That's change, innovation, growth in a nut shell. Oh sure knowledge, instruction, feedback and consistent deliberate practice are important also- but all of these things are dependent on your PERSPECTIVE.

So what have you learned this past week?What have you experienced that is shifting your perspective ?

Here's my list – what's yours?


During My Monday Radio Show/Twitter conversation with Umair Haque, Diane Wagner, Ethan Yarbrough and Adam Olsen I was reminded that I never, well almost never use nor hear the word 'leadership.'  Umair recommends we throw the concept of leadership out because our world doesn't need leaders as much as it needs builders.  Buildership not leadership is key now.  I read Umair's Great to Good Manifesto and essay on Constructive Capitalism  months ago and ever since I've been growing  more and more confident in my own feeling that we as a society are on a values shift, moral precipice. People everywhere are concerned about their lives, jobs,  economy and the future. We want to do good. We are asking ourselves what matters. We are re-prioritizing. Many are moving away from excess or exploitation. The Toyota situations are unacceptable. We want GOOD. We want to do good and we want others we spend our money and vote into office to do GOOD also. There is a GOOD movement happening and its not just in the rise of social entrepreneurs. It's everywhere.

( oh and I also learned when you are engaged in a phone call over the radio to London make sure you have a land line):)

Social Language

body of words, systems, terms, symbols, gestures, phrases and tools
used to communicate thought, emotion and meaning in the on line world
and community.

This week the light bulb went off and I realized I am bi-lingual, finally! Now, I'm not affluent but I am  immersed in this new language I call social. Yesterday's post titled Social Language; Healing the Great Divide shares some of my thoughts. I very much believe that  social language has the potential to bridge the gap, to heal the great divide of knowing between cultures, geographies, generations and people's. What if knowing is the answer and what if the language of social can help heal what ails us?  Social language is not merely an on line language. It's a language that  makes intelligible the on line world and community, but  language is used everywhere;  in real life and on line across geographical, cultural and generational boundaries.

Might social language paired with human will committed to GOOD heal what ails us?


Brand is  Stories not story. Told is now Telling. Static is now Dynamic. Archived is now Real Time. Anywhere is now LBS ( location based). Big Ideas matter. Words create culture. Listen to engage. Sharing content, alone is not engagement.


True community both gives and receives. If one person is always giving soon it's not community at all. Communities die without give and take. Healthy communities challenge members to both give and receive. I have begun a practice of receiving; I've got my PHD in giving  and yet I've barely passed kindergarten in regards to graciously receiving and asking for what I want and need.

Radio social conversation it's not there yet- still feels like 2 way convo I need to change this- no more guests- the twitter audience is guests- bring in phone calls and twitter? I 'm still thinking about this feedback.

My new website. I want it to be both functional and beautiful. I don't want to compromise. It's almost done but it can't be birthed until it's both emotionally powerful and functionally effective.

Leadership is a passion; here's a free leadership social conversation– join us if you'd like.

Less is more for me.

Focus is a decision.

Clarity is underrated.

Sun is more important than I knew when I was 30

I am a writer…

I am going back to the ranch on the other side of the mountains this weekend. I want to continue to shift my perspective, learn, grow, innovate….

And you? 

Pam Hoelzle

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