Priortities and Mattergaps

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 Mattergaps  & Priorities

How often do you find yourself asking what first? What now? What do I say no to? What do I say yes to? Only hours later to find yourself knee deep in urgent matters that aren't necessarily important, at all?

In my life working side by side with leaders and creators I am continually reminded of the importance of being able to separate the urgent from the important, the ability to filter through a plethora of options to invest one's time, talent and energy into that which most matters.

In a business the future may very well hinge on how much time and resources are committed to developing innovative solutions for tomorrow, but what if the culture does not allow for anything other than  immediate, urgent, short term results?

In our lives over commitment to the urgent needs of others; bosses, partners, kids and community members may undermine our own health and severely impact our ability to show up at all in the future…

Priorities matter. For this very reason I coined the word mattergaps.

Mattergaps are the gaps between where you are and where you want to be in areas of importance to you, or your venture. Mattergaps differ person to person, venture to venture.

They are the high priority gaps that deserve our time, talents, passion and energy. They are the priorities as we see it in business, community work and our personal lives…

So how do you remain clear about what matters to you and how do you prioritize the various demands for your time and attention?

I'd love to know….

Common Business/Organization Mattergaps;




Value delivered to all stakeholders; tribe







Vision/Clarity of Purpose

Personal Mattergaps:






Pam Hoelzle

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