It’s not about you; leader.

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Leaders sometimes forget it’s not about them. Followers, team members sometimes forget how important they are… Making something happen, starting a movement, rallying others around a big idea, mission, vision is impossible without participation and engagement. Lone nuts dancing alone are just that; nuts. Don’t get me wrong we need leaders. But sometimes leaders need […]

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Priortities and Mattergaps

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 Mattergaps  & Priorities How often do you find yourself asking what first? What now? What do I say no to? What do I say yes to? Only hours later to find yourself knee deep in urgent matters that aren't necessarily important, at all? In my life working side by side with leaders and creators I […]

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Show Me The PROBLEM!

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Do you love problems? Do you love to turn problems into enterprises or new businesses? If so you are a most likely a problemeur. ( yes another new word for you!)  You love problems and you know that Jerry McQuire was wrong; it isn't show me the money ( well not first anyways) it's show me the problem, […]

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