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Focus And Build a Purposeful Life and A Profitable Venture

In life and business we need to be able to move back and forth between the telescope and the microscope. We need to be able to see the big picture, the end in mind and chunk down to the details. We need to be able to use the telescope to discover, ask new questions and when we find things that interest us zero in on them with laser beam attention, bringing them under the magnifying glass to fully know and understand them.

I seem to prefer telescopes to magnifying glasses. I love to ask the big questions and play in between ideation and development of the system to bring idea to reality. I don’t mind the details when they are a part of creating a recipe that someone else will be executing daily- i.e. the design specs for the new creation. And I don’t mind details when they have to do with communicating; writing and speaking.

Know thyself. Most of life is a becoming of sorts. When developing our best lives and our most profitable life adventures it’s important to remember that nothing in life becomes reality without spending adequate time under the magnifying glass of focus.

Currently I’m cutting off options so I can improve my ability to focus and create genius value. ( Thanks Tami for using this term I love it) Yes genius value- we each have it – it’s that crazy magical element you and I bring to an event, job and moment when we show up doing and being our personal best.

I’m changing how I interact on social media because I need 2 and 3 hour time periods of laser like focus. I’m reviewing all my commitments and taking a red pen and deleting activities and engagement that aren’t in my life sweet spot; ( involve my passion, purpose or things I am best at) and areas where I can’t add genius value. I’m not getting out of this life alive. That means I need to show up; here, now the best me I can be. I can’t be my best spreading myself so thin I can barely breathe or come to the table with nothing to give.

You see, I’m only as good as my focus and my focus is only as clear as my current energy stores.

Sometimes my vital resources are abundant other times they’re depleted. Some months I over commit to social and community good; emotional and spiritual deposits flow and financial deposits wane in these seasons. financial. Other times the financial reserves flow and the physical demands are high and I find my emotional and spiritual reserves running on empty. I’m learning that life as a creative, innovator demands discipline, focus and harmony. I want to do it all and yet doing it all is unrealistic. I need to get real.

I can’t do it all. Either can you.I must choose and so must you.

Choose wisely. This is your one incredible life. Deciding what to invest in and what to focus on is what defines the life you experience, it’s how we get real . Lately I’ve been calling myself on the carpet for the incongruousness in my life and work. If I preach harmony then I need to show up harmony. If I counsel profits with purpose then I need to be profitable and purposeful. I am more concerned with who I am, how I be than what I do so if the outcomes of my endeavors, investments and behaviors are inconsistent with what I believe and espouse- I am not being real, authentic or of integrity. Which means I need to sit down and get real with myself. A house divided will fall. I can’t possibly manifest the value I want to bring to others if I am conflicted and in-congruent with my purpose and values.

Mostly, I am getting real as to the current state of my vital resources ; financial, physical, emotional, intellectual and relational. I have my limits. I need to be mindful of what it takes to birth major ventures and wisely decide if I have the resources to sustain the investment. It’s time to focus and invest in wisely.

I’m focusing on being more focused.

I want to be a flexible laser beam executing the microscopic details and agile enough to chunk up to the big picture and then down to the middle place of designing solutions- but only on a few fronts-the fronts that get me up in the morning and those that keep me up at night. The fronts where I help entrepreneurs and social change agents design meaningful lives, purposeful and profitable ventures. And where I can show up communicating and inspiring the masses to get real, take back control and responsibility for their one incredible life!

Focused Flexible action. It’s what I’m focusing on- and you?

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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