How to eat an Elephant of a Goal!

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How to Eat The Elephant’s in Your Life and Business. Of course you eat an elephant, ‘one bite at a time.’ Just as you drink from a firehouse; carefully. And yes every one of us be it; monthly, daily or hourly worry that we might not be up for this elephant we’ve chosen, that we […]

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Ready, Camera; FOCUS!

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Focus And Build a Purposeful Life and A Profitable Venture In life and business we need to be able to move back and forth between the telescope and the microscope. We need to be able to see the big picture, the end in mind and chunk down to the details. We need to be able […]

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Silence as a tool for clarity, focus & success

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Some say the average consumer will be exposed to over 1 million messages this year, (3,000 a day), some say it’s alot less. Still others like Clay Shirky say it’s not information overload that stresses us out, it’s our ‘filter failure.‘ Oh well, you will just get better at multi-tasking! But of course you know […]

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2010: What Matters Now Advice from Steve Jobs and Rosie…

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   2010: What Matters Now? Lessons from Steve Jobs and  Rosie The photo is of my daughter Rosie, in the Himalayan Mountains during her month long study abroad program in India. Although she spent a few days in New Delhi and a few hours at the Taj Mahal the majority of her time was spent in Dharmasala learning from, living and […]

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