Relationship Rescue: Drop YOUR Baggage

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What if you are the baggage? I mean what happens when you become your own worse relationship enemy? Sinking your own relationship’s?

What happens when you repeat the same thing over and over in your relationships? Relationship insanity, of course. YOU, not anyone else is your relationship baggage.

You don’t need anyone to rescue your relationships. Happiness is more choice than chance and it’s yours for the taking. You have a choice to make. You can either choose to BE your own relationship rescue or you can spend the rest of your days left high and dry, crying relationship foul.

Stomp. Cry. Scream. Grieve. But don’t resist what is reality in your current relationships. Fighting reality can get you locked up and don’t for a minute think that you aren’t already locked up if you’re engaged in a wrestling match with ‘what is.’ Don’t keep lugging those hurts and wounds around like they are your best friend or your summer yacht, for crying out loud. (You will be crying out loud if you do!)

What we embrace we dissolve. Bring your shadow, hurt, fear close. Hug it. Face it. Accept it. Now after you’ve felt it. Let it go. Untie it from your life ship. Thank everyone involved for helping you get clear. Surrender and realize it was your choice to take on all that cargo you’ve been lugging around.

And then thank yourself for executing your own relationship rescue.

Pam Hoelzle

Make a life….take back control!

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