Who Do You Miss?

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Great leaders, partners, friends, family members and lovers let us know how much we are missed. They notice our absence. Our unique, original participation matters to them; deeply. Everyone wants to be missed. Born original and irreplaceable we hunger to be known for the gift we are. Who do you miss? Have you told them? […]

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“How Are You? No; REALLY… How Are You?”

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How Are You? Really? Last night I was at the Edmonds-Woodway commencement services. One of the student speakers, Anne Yoon shared her personal story of struggling with anorexia. During her speech she challenged her fellow classmates to press into knowing each other. She told her fellow classmates that many times she answered their question of, […]

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Relationship Rescue: Drop YOUR Baggage

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What if you are the baggage? I mean what happens when you become your own worse relationship enemy? Sinking your own relationship’s? What happens when you repeat the same thing over and over in your relationships? Relationship insanity, of course. YOU, not anyone else is your relationship baggage. You don’t need anyone to rescue your relationships. […]

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What’s your Impact?

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What's Your Impact on Others? In my third post on the symphony of relating I am diving to the heart of relationships. What is your impact? What is your intent for relationships and community? What happens when people encounter you briefly, over time and in long term work, partnerships or relationships? Impact. Effect. After having […]

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Don’t Talk: Engage Conversations

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In junior high someone named me fog horn. I know I shouldn't admit this. But its all about transparency and authenticity right? I was loud; with a capital L. I've been an athlete most of my life and most of my school years I  walked away with the Most Inspirational award, or was it loudest sport-cheerleader? […]

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