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Inspired by Daniel Pink's Ted Talk   I am committing 4 posts to a discussion about what it would take for us leaders  to lead a RESULTS REVOLUTION.

 I want to help support the  Leadership Results Revolution, Pink's work incites. 

Sometimes, as Pink points out assumptions and human behavior are contrary to truth and reality. Sometimes human beings get into ruts, assume, react, unconsciously become programmed by their socialization and environmental programming. 

Sometimes our lives and our leadership is based on false beliefs, like the old belief that carrots and sticks, extrinsic motivators, are adequate for unleashing human potential.

 Which as Pink points out may have been adequate for many 20th century tasks with narrow focus and clear outcomes. But for 21st century leaders, the tasks are not so simple. Success today hinges more on right brain, creative, cognitive solutions. Old school, extrinsic carrot and stick motivation, research shows, actually sabotages behaviors necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

So instead of assuming, instead of repeating the same leadership habits of prior generations perhaps now, would be as good of time as any to step back and ask ourselves some questions, to reflect on what has to happen here, now, presently for each of us to unleash all the latent potential in ourselves and those we lead to collectively incite a leadership RESULTS REVOLUTION.

I'd love to hear your insights, your genius; I'd love to incite a revolution):

Here's my first 3 questions What are yours?

Am I a model of integrity, mastery and commitment to the values and goals I give lip service to, have asked others to commit to?

How good am I, how good is the organization at unleashing human potential and what's the evidence?

When it's all done and over; this venture, business, dream, life; will my contribution have added significant value to my life and others? HOW?

Okay… Now it's your turn….

3 questions to inspire a leadership results revolution?

Pam Hoelzle

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