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So you want to launch a startup. Let’s practice a few simple startup basics…

First thing to remember is that startup is like grief it’s not linear it’s circular and you don’t proceed from one phase to the next but rather you go around and around getting deeper and deeper into the design as you invest yourself. It’s three dimensional, each step of startup has multiple levels….

Startup Sequence has a lot of steps ….here’s a few of them…


Now what is this idea anyway?

Let’s get your startup down on one page. I have lot’s of tools for this. But to keep it simple let’s use one I developed that’s almost fool proof. Fill in the blanks – and then step back and evaluate your one page startup business model.



Now it’s time to talk competitors. Oh you don’t have any? Yes. This is what everyone tells me, but trust me – you have competitorsMaybe it’s an alternative or something similar…but anything people are currently purchasing or using that provides some or all of the benefits you are hoping to offer… are called competitors. Even if their products and services are well below your incredible, fabulous soon to be launched venture…

competitive landscape for startup



Now what expertise, knowledge and resources are you lacking to make this startup successful? Write each of these down in the circles below and then go to work to find advisors and consultants or team members who can help you launch this startup …

team slide





Who says startup is complicated or even scary. For those of us who marinate in it daily- it’s actually fun, exhilarating and quite simple…at least initially… Sure there’s more work to do. But I wanted to show you that startup is simple. Especially when you team with people who find it exhilarating and do it daily…

Call me to accelerate this idea into a full blown startup ROCKET!



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