Some Days… I Get It

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A Propósito / On Purpose, originally uploaded by a VeCeS Veo….

Some days I get it. 

Some days life stops and allows me to get it. 

 A friend dies

 A child shoots up

 A business crumbles

 A marriage ends

 A child is born without a hand.

Some days; airplanes tumble out of the sky,  homes are gambled away, trust blows apart like 9/11.

Some days I get it.

On these days it's hard to breathe, harder yet, to still believe.

Some days I get it.

Some days: the unceasing turning stops, the music wanes and I wrest with purpose and meaning.

On these days, I sometimes remember this road called life; this side of eternity, is finite.

Some days I see all this incessant turning, burning, doing and achieving for what it really is.

Some days I see clearly.

Often, after I get it…much later usually;  I pray that I will somehow find the courage to:

Trust, like I've never known betrayal.

 Love, like I've never lost.

 Listen, like I never had the answer.

Ask, like I've never understood.

Give, like there's no tomorrow.

Some days I get it…


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