Startup Tip #4 Listen To Hugh; Unleash The Entrepreneur Within!

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Unleash the entrepreneur within. I love this social object by McLeod that illustrates tip number 4 perfectly. We can get all technical, review business models, competitive landscape’s, develop the best teams but none of that matters if the entrepreneur is not unleashing his or her very best. = We were all born creators- co-creators. Creative is in your DNA. Unleashing solutions that add value to others lives is the heart of entrepreneurship.

So what is it that you love, believe in, can’t wait to do whenever you have spare time? How could you unleash that on this world in a new venture, org or business? Let your passions and interests inspire you and then get out of the way and unleash the entrepreneur within. A lot happens because of passion, belief and an entrepreneur’s commitment to work tirelessly to unleash their very best. Don’t even think about bringing something your not excited about to market. It will die on the vein. Unleash that which is genuine, which you cannot, not unleash!

And go Hugh. You rock. I love your social objects! Photo is the exclusive property of Gapenvoid. I hope you follow Hugh MacLeod And enjoy this social object he did for entrepreneurship wonder king Babson College.

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