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Small business and value. Everyone is looking for a deal…

My girlfriend who is a commercial photographer sent me this. I have to admit 2009 has been quite a year when it comes to small business and creative financing. This whole freemuim move is great …but the buck has to stop somewhere.If small business is responsible for 50-60% of new jobs then we have to keep the cash flowing.

A couple things to think about.

Value.  Is the perception of what I received versus what I paid. Where do you get the most value in life and business? Do you let others know, do you yelp and city search your happiness and spread the word…probably.

High value products and services deliver more than we expect.

So, how do you innovative,  enhance value without discounting or always giving away things for free? Freemuim has grown at a blistering pace; but so to have micro transactions and creative revenue sources around items that are free. Free can certainly play a part in a marketing strategy but what is the goal and why…?. And is it sustainable. I don't know about you but I've done plenty of high value things that aren't sustainable financially or emotionally.

Value must be sustainable. It must allow for both sides to win; consumer and business. Supplier and purchaser. 

When price drops so to do expectations. So don't think dropping prices and giving stuff away for free is going to solve your issues…it's like thinking using that chainsaw out in the garage might be a quicker solution to cut your toenail. It's quick but it's probably not sustainable…eventually you won't only be without toenails you might be missing a few toes.

 Innovaluadtors will look for innovative ways to enhance, add on, exceed expectations and create incredible value …in 2010 they won't just drop price and give it up for free…

Now,  if free is a part of your model and paid, or enhanced is the step up…well that's different, now isn't it? And if free is the first session, or the intro product…well now that's what I call innovative engagement

 You and I – well we are the bailout…growing value in 2010 means being creative and innovative! Now  tell me; how are you sustainably, adding value….through innovation?

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