The gift of giving; understanding value.

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The other night as I was teaching Business Modeling and Planning to the MBA students at Northwest University. It hit me that value, is an often used term that is not always understood. Entrepreneurship and enterprise is nothing more than the art of identifying problems and opportunities in hopes of developing, capturing and delivering valuable […]

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Branding; personal & business: Value stories, not STORY!

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Branding It's Stories; not STORY Yesterday when I was talking to Diane Wagner from Microsoft she recommended that 'builders, leaders and those committed to Solutionarism not lose sight of their personal brand regardless of which venture, company, institution or organization they align themselves with. ( By the way I was really bummed about the production […]

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Sustainable Value

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Small business and value. Everyone is looking for a deal… My girlfriend who is a commercial photographer sent me this. I have to admit 2009 has been quite a year when it comes to small business and creative financing. This whole freemuim move is great …but the buck has to stop somewhere.If small business is […]

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Have you upgraded from ROI to LROI?


I love the Mashable blog. The other day I was reading an interesting post about social media and ROI and I couldn’t help but smile. ROI seems so web 1.0 to me. As I read the article, I found myself inserting ‘LROI’ everytime the author mentioned ROI, that’s when I knew it was time to […]

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