When the ‘sky’ is falling & the earth shaking; Inspiration

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‘Everybody falls sometimes, gotta find the strength to rise from the ashes and make a new beginning….. ” Everyone can feel the ache, you think it’s more than you can take, but you are stronger, stronger than you know….. I’ve seen dreams that move mountains, hope that never ends EVEN when the sky is falling. I’ve […]

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“Rocky” Up….

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"It's not about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can be hit and keep going. It's about how much you can take and keep moving forward." I'm looking for smelling salts and an ice pack. I'm having a "Rocky"moment.  Even though I decided long ago fear was nothing more than a figment […]

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Perspective Check

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Clay Dyer: Perspective Check . Tonight I am in Denver preparing my daughter Rosie for her trip to India. And I find myself thinking  about perspective. Funny isn't it, what you and I think about,what we spend our time doing; well it comes to color the glasses by which we view the world,  relationships,  ventures, goals, […]

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Love what you do; DO WHAT YOU LOVE: NOW

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@garyvee Twitter: Wine Library DO what you LOVE! If swearing bothers you – don't watch the video. If you want to be inspired; Listen. I Passion. Care. Do what you love; love what you do. This is your one incredible life. How are you investing it? Do you love what you do? Are you using […]

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